Our values

Products that are produced using organic production methods and certified organic (by an acceptable agency).

The product and the packaging contain Zero Plastic.

Fully recyclable or Zero Waste products with guidance on recycling the product. Products that minimize environmental harm during production, raw material sourcing and end of life of the product.

Products that are compostable or biodegradable. Products with compostable or biodegradable packaging.

Products made of materials sourced with fair trade practices, and certified as such (by an acceptable agency).

Materials reused to create products of higher quality or value than the original. Majority of the used materials are upcycled, desirably 100%.

Products made by skilled artisans, either completely or majority by hand, with only the help of mechanical or hand-tools.

Ethical sourcing of raw materials, and use of fair employment practices. Transparent product information and disclosure. Supporting local communities.

Cruelty-Free products that do not contain animal-derived materials, and produced with no harm caused to animals.

Products with the purpose of supporting a social cause. The majority of the profit will go to supporting a social cause.

Values of our sellers

All Kendani.com sellers are hand-picked, and all have a greater purpose than simple financial profit. We are proud to work with people and companies who are devoted to their mission; They inspire us to do our part. Our sellers take responsibility for their business and the way they create their products. Their production chains are transparent, and they strive to know where their raw materials come from, how they are being produced and that also the providers follow ethical and sustainable production practices and policies. They are transparent about their financing and know the origin of their funding. Our sellers conduct business in an environmentally and socially responsible way, and comply with international and local corporate responsibility guidelines.

We at Kendani.com are well aware that the world is not black and white, and as much as our sellers are trying their best, they may not always be fully responsible in all aspects. We help them improve, and encourage them to continue developing in the path they have taken. Although we are not obsessed with those points, we still have a ranking system, and companies need to meet the minimum requirements of in order to start selling with us. This enables Kendani.com to only promote products and companies that truly care for people’s and the planet’s wellbeing.



They ensure that all employees throughout their production chain are paid fair wages (above the minimum wages and benefits according to the country of employment), have adequate social security, and have access to medical care. They assure gender, religious and ethnic equality throughout the supply chain and do not support child labour. They create safe working environments and partner with companies with similar values. Sustainability and ethical values are at the core of their business. They follow global standards on corporate responsibility reporting (such as GRI standards).


They contribute to developing local communities where they operate and produce, and pay taxes where they operate and produce. They use local sourcing and hire local employees whenever possible. They do not support corruption in any form, and have policies in place to guard against it in their production chain. They source materials from producers with ethical operating policies and fair trading practices (such as Fairtrade). They actively participate in promoting social causes or sustainability. They take action to ensure the safety of their production chain to the employees as well as the nature.


They use renewable materials and energy sources, minimize CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, the use of water, the environmental impact and the waste throughout their production chain. They have an environmental policy in place and take responsibility for any negative environmental impact their production causes. Their products are designed to be durable and have a maximum possible life. They provide a recycling service and use recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging materials.

Why are the values of the companies important

Who cuts our trees? Who digs the ground for oil? Who creates our food? Who opens the mines? Who employs people? Who pays them fairly? Who does not? Who employs children? Who throws waste into the ocean? Who makes plastic? Who makes sustainable products?

The answer is “The Businesses”!

Responsible businesses employ us, they build our economies, they create prosperity in communities, they create opportunities for youth, they take care of the nature and invest back in the community. Sustainable companies thrive because we buy from them and support them with our purchasing power. But what happens when we invest in businesses that don’t pay their taxes, treat their employees unfairly and fail to pay proper wages? What happens when they cut the trees in our forests, package the products in plastic and create non-durable products that break easily and provide no recycling service? – People get tired, frustrated, the community weakens, and the nature all around suffers. The reason to support Sustainable Companies is that simple. Also, it is personally rewarding to know that we are doing the “right” thing, and that we are investing into companies that work to create better present and future. Do not give up your purchasing power, do not sell yourself short.

Together, we can do better!

Now that you know the values that we support, why not read a bit more about the impact that you can make by shopping at Kendani.com?

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