is an online marketplace for sustainably and ethically produced goods.
Here you can find products that match your values and help you to make a positive impact.
All products are made by companies and producers that care for the wellbeing of people and nature.



Our mission is to facilitate responsible consumption and raise awareness of the importance of sustainability. We work to facilitate better decision-making and to help companies have a greater positive impact.


Sustainability is a complex issue with many stakeholders involved from producers to governments to customers. Basically we are all involved, and we all have the power to
influence what gets produced and how. At we have a place where end-users and producers come together, and every transaction is for the better – the better social, environmental and corporate impact, for the better future.


As a business, we are a simple online marketplace, where people become a community, they become a support system to each other, and they become believers and advocates of “making better choices”. We connect sustainable and ethical businesses with the users of their products, and make it easier for everyone to shop responsible and sustainable.


Veijo (Team Member)

Veijo Väisänen

Co-Founder, COO & CFO

Veijo, a global citizen with Finnish origin, is the balancing factor at A kind soul, he has always cared deeply for fair treatment of others, equality and human rights. As an analytic personality, Veijo brings in the knowledge and strategic thinking necessary to make succeed. He thrives on learning and researching, and helping bring that knowledge to others. Reducing waste, giving a new life to old things and better use of resources are meaningful to him.

Astghik (Team member)

Astghik Zakharyan

Founder, CEO

Astghik is the driving force behind, with the passion to create a more caring world for all of us. She has been dreaming of having her own organic store since she was a little girl growing up and enjoying the clean nature of Dilijan, Armenia. She has the vision to make sure that the nature of her childhood remains beautiful, and that all of us can help to make it possible, and not just in her home country but all around the world. And what better way than creating a marketplace where all of us can make better choices for a better future, and present!


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Jake Henderson


Jake is the wizard making work efficiently and reliably. With a solid background in software development and system administration, he makes even the most challenging ideas work on any platform. A true nature lover, Jake enjoys hiking and spending time in the woods, while thinking of viable solutions to the multitude of problems the World is facing every day. Coming from USA, he brings another international colour to our truly multicultural team.


Giovanny Rodriguez

Developer and webmaster

Giovanny is the person making sure that the website works flawlessly at all times. Additionally he is constantly developing the site and its functionalities further. Giovanny grew up surrounded by green nature and the aquamarine sea on a small tropical island by the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. He comes from the kind of place many of us consider a paradise, and because of that he understands how precious and important thriving nature is for all of us. Giovanny’s energetic and entrepreneurial spirit helps improve non-stop and deliver continuously better service to our community of responsible shoppers and producers.


Fernando Lopez


Fernando is an experienced e-commerce professional, with a strong background in growing and managing digital commerce platforms. He is an expert in creating data-driven strategies and driving results in the online world. Coming from Australia, Fernando is no stranger to the great outdoors, and he believes we should do our best to protect the beauty and diversity of nature, while caring for the wellbeing of our neighbours. Fernando’s knowledge and expertise are fundamental in making reach its potential, and grow even further!

Here at we want to help you to live your life according to your values.
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